SiC Characteristics

Technology advances have pushed silicon semiconductor to approach its theoretical material limits; present Si-based power device cannot meet up with the ever increasing demand of power device requirements for a handful of industrial / commercial applications for power electronics. These include higher blocking voltages, switching frequencies, efficiency and reliability. Wide band gap semiconductors like Silicon Carbide (SiC) is perfect candidate to replace Si from here onward.

Power devices fabricated using silicon carbide (SiC) technology can benefit from its superior properties, namely high critical electric field of 3MV/cm due to the wide energy bandgap of 3.26eV, high operation temperature due to high thermal conductivity in the range 3–3.8W/cm-K, and high frequency of operation due to higher electron mobility and electron saturation velocity. These properties allow the SiC device to operate at temperature >200oC, show 2x power density and 50% power losses compared to Si-based devices. The electronic system using SiC device always demonstrates smaller system size, lower system cost and more reliable in high temperature environment.

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