Silicon Carbide
SiC Characteristics
Technology advances have pushed silicon semiconductor to approach its theoretical material limits; present Si-based power device cannot meet up with the ever increasing demand of power device requirements.
Device Manufacturing
Majority of market players in SiC device are using their own 100mm technology  fabrication facilities in manufacturing. Our company jump start the SiC production at 150mm Si foundry fab to improve device yield per substrate and cut down production costs.
SiC Application
Our first available device is SiC Junction Barrier Schottky diode (JBS) in discrete package, followed by the SiC MOSFETs and integrated Power Module for high-power switching.
Intelligent Power Module
Business Motivation
There are consistently double digit CAGR in both shipment volume and shipment value in SiC devices.
Package Development
The intelligent power modules integrate latest power semiconductor and control ICs technology.
IPM Applications
Intelligent Power Modules are widely found in inverters for ECO-friendly home appliances.
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