Consumer Application

LED Lighting

The efficient use of electrical energy has evolved from a goal to a necessity as power-hungry Consumer sectors experience exponential growth.  Designers are abandoning outdated silicon solution and switch to Silicon Carbide SiC to gain system-level efficiencies with , smaller, lighter and better Thermal performance include LED lighting ,  USB Charger and Home appliance.  

For High-bay and outdoor lighting application, the cost of LED driver electronics is reported to be 17 percent of the totoal fixture cost.  An additional 40 percent of the fixture cost comes from the mechanical , thermal and electrical portions of the fixture.  The availaibility of rugged LED drivers that are samller , lighter with exterme good thermal perfromance become the default standard for LED lighting industry.   

APS offer full series of SiC diodes and SiC MOSFETs to address the high efficiency requirement for LED Lighting market. 

650V SiC Diode

6A to 10A TO220 and DPAK

Product Voltage(V) Current Rating Package
ACD10PS065F 650 V 10 A TO-252-2
ACD06PS065F 650 V 6 A TO-252-2
ACD08PS065C 650 V 8 A TO-220-2

650V SiC Mosfet

30m -120mOhm TOLL, D2PAK, TO247

Product RDS(on) Current Rating Package
ACM030P065B 30 mΩ 90 A TO-247-3
ACM120P065B 120 mΩ 24 A TO-247-3
ACM060P065Q 55 mΩ 54 A TO-247-4