Automotive Application

Off Board DC Fast Charging

APS's proprietary technology in manufacturing the SiC power device enables us provide the full solutions in E-vehicle application. Our devices can be used in the EV-Motor controller, EV Charging station, and Wireless EV charger as well. 

SiC devices show a clear advantage over current Si based devices in term of efficiency and cost in the high power and high temperature environment.

APS offer full series of SiC Diodes and SiC MOSFETs for EV charging infrastructure.  SiC solution can deliver higher voltages and power levels. 

Compared to traditional Si system,  SiC solutions in Fast DC charging can deliver 33% more in power with 50% lower losses.   

1200V SiC Diode

20A – 28A, TO247-2

Product Voltage(V) Current Rating Package
ACD20PS120A 1200 V 20 A TO-247-2
ACD28PS120A 1200 V 28 A TO-247-2


40mΩ - 80mΩ, TO247-3, TO247-4

Product RDS(on) Current Rating Package
ACM040P120Q 40 mΩ 62 A TO-247-4
ACM040P120B 35 mΩ 62 A TO-247-3
ACM080P120Q 80 mΩ 40 A TO-247-4
ACM080P120B 74 mΩ 40 A TO-247-3