About Us

Who We Are

Alpha Power Solutions (APS) is the first 6 inch Silicon Carbide (SiC) power device manufacturer in Greater China competing directly and taking business away in China from incumbent international power device manufacturers.

Quick Facts

Founded:  2017 (spin off from Vitelic Technology)

Key Investors: Huada Semiconductor (a China Electronics Corporation  company, known as CEC)

Our Strategy

To power China to green energy by providing optimized SiC products to customers using our  proprietary SiC process running in both normal silicon and dedicated SiC wafer fabs, taking advantage of low cost silicon wafer fab and best processing tools available to achieve volume Sic production without high capital investments.

Our Milestones

Alpha Power

Start the research and development of 6-inch silicon carbide products


Commercial production of JEDEC-compliant silicon carbide diodes


Monthly production of more than 100 6-inch silicon carbide wafers; introduce the first SiC MOSFET engineering sample


Introduce the first TO247 packaged silicon carbide diode in China that meets the vehicle standard certification.


win the Hong Kong Green Innovations Awards, the Hong Kong Awards for Industries, and the Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit.


Assist GTA in achieving mass production of 6-inch silicon carbide diodes and win the first prize of CEC Group for scientific and technological progress.


Deliver over 3 million 100V diodes, achieve mass production of the first generation SiC MOSFET, and launch the second generation SiC MOSFET products.


Achieve mass production of the second-generation SiC MOSFET.

Alpha Power
    •  The first silicon wafer foundry in China successfully produces 6-inch silicon carbide devices; 

    •  The first major manufacturer in China that successfully delivers 1200V silicon carbide devices in bulk; 

    •  The first mover in China that uses thinning technology in SiC diodes; 

    •  The first JBS architecture with an independent patent in China; 

    •  Has obtained or is applying for dozens of patents in China and the United States.