Application Solutions

Green Car

Green Car

Best-in-class power density EV fast charging Power Module (40KW) with customized 900V SiC Diode & 1200V SiC MOSFETs.

We shipped over 1M units of SiC Diode to customers with zero defect rate.

DC Charger

DC Charger

APS's proprietary technology in manufacturing the SiC power device enables us provide the full solutions in E-vehicle application. Our devices can be used in the EV-Motor controller, EV Charging station, and Wireless EV charger as well.

Photovoltaic & Energy Storage

Photovoltaic & Energy Storage

Solar energy is practically unlimited and available most place. It is the most environmentally friendly energy source. Standard PV power conversion system have first stage dc-dc converter, either isolated or non-isolated, and the second stage dc-ac inverter for ac output.



We offer reliable and durable solutions for Server power and Solar power applications.

Our 650V 10A SiC diode and 650V 30mΩ SiC MOSFETs are used in Titanium grade Server power Supply.

Our competitive advantage

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HOME - About - Who We Are

Alpha Power Solutions Limited (APS) is the first 6-inch Silicon Carbide (SiC) power device manufacturer in the Greater China, competing directly to incumbent international power device manufacturers.

HOME - About - Quick Facts

Alpha Power Solutions Limited offers best-in-class 650V to 1700V silicon carbide diodes, with operating current up to 70A. We provide full series of advanced packages, including DFN, TOLL and TO-247-4 with Kelvin source pin. We have shipped more than three million units for various applications in China.

HOME - About - Our Strategy

Our strategy is to power the China's green energy industry, by providing the world-class SiC products manufactured by our proprietary SiC process. By using the fabless wafer foundry model, we can take advantage of low-cost wafer fab and the best processing tools to achieve volume SiC production without high capital investments.

HOME - About - Technology Position

  • 6” SiC JBS (4th Gen)
  • 6” SiC Self align MOSFET (2nd Gen)
  • Wafer Thinning Technology
  • AEC Q101 Qualified
  • Full SiC Module

HOME - About - Future Technology Direction

  • Full 6” Technology migration
  • High Channel Mobility Process
  • Improved Vt Stability Device
  • Recessed Junction Technology
  • Trench Gate Technology
  • Full SiC Module
  • Temporary Bonding Technology
  • AEC Q004 Compliance
SiC Module

Our SiC MOSFETs power modules provide system designers with new opportunities to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and power density in inverter application. In addition, silicon carbide (SiC) meets application requirements through various topologies available for Rds(on).

Our 1200V SiC MOSFETs modules offer various configurations such as 3-level, dual-level, four-group, six-group or boost type, which can achieve excellent gate oxide reliability through first-class trench design, with first-class switching and conduction losses .

Green Innovation Awards - Golden Award 2019

Alpha Power won the Green Innovation Awards - Golden Award which was granted by Hong Kong Environmental Protection depar...

Hong Kong Award for Industries - Technological Achievement 2019

Alpha Power Solution was granted Hong Kong Award for Industries by Trade and Industry Department of Hong Kong Government...

One of the advocates of the industrialization of silicon carbide (SiC) power devices