Based on the Six Sigma quality management method, from the initial concept thru to the final reality, every APS employee focuses on bringing first-class products, services and solutions to customers through data driving, the power of cross-functional teamwork, innovative thinking and interaction with active customers. 

By actively listening to customers' opinions and cooperating with relevant stakeholders in the value-added supply chain of the power semiconductor industry, APS is committed to making products safer and more environmentally friendly. 

Compliance with applicable regulatory and regulatory requirements is the embodiment of integrity and the top priority for every employee and business of APS day by day. 

APS takes continuous improvement as a part of its daily quality system, and carries out continuous learning to promote leadership and operational excellence from the organization and business processes in a 360-degree way to meet the ever-changing customer needs and satisfaction. 

We abide by the principle of keeping our words in line with our deeds.