At APS, we are committed to providing customers with products that meet international quality. Today, APS, like most multinational players in the semiconductor industry, still refers to the following standards for the qualification of power devices. 


JESD47 Stress-Test-Driven Qualification of Integrated Circuits

AEC Q101 Failure Mechanism-Based Stress Test Qualification For Discrete Semiconductors in Automotive Application.


In addition, APS will also refer to other emerging and appropriate standards and methods to keep pace with market competitors.


JEP148 Reliability Evaluation of Semiconductor Devices Based on Physics of Failure Risk and Opportunity Assessment.

JESD94 Application-Specific Qualification Using Knowledge-Based Test Methodology.

JC-70 Committee is established for WBG (GaN and SiC) test standardization task force.

Introduction of reliability test standards

APS supports our reliability verification program by taking advantage of its competitive advantage in line with international standards. 


Verification specification:the verification plan shall be formulated in full accordance with international industry standards, such as JESD47 and AEC-Q101; the standards are comparable to those of international brands. 

Verification capability:with the help of international reliability and failure analysis laboratories led by Hong Kong Science Park and local universities, it can meet the requirements of product verification and analysis. 

Failure analysis:Rigorous failure analysis report and closed-circuit feedback ensure that each failure state is effectively treated; related DFMEA is introduced.

Data Orientation:emphasize statistical analysis of validation data, changes of data and Cpk before and after testing, causes and follow-up actions of improvement actions, which will not be satisfied with the 0/1 rule.

Extended life test:in addition to meeting international standards, we will also pursue extended life tests to discover the potential risks of products and make them more reliable and durable.

As SiC has superior intrinsic material properties than Si, the following properties can be proved. 

Longer lifespan (as it can withstand higher electric fields). 

Higher temperature durability


Combining appropriate packaging and material technology, SiC devices can show their superior reliable performance in some reliability tests, such as:

Reliability TestsSiC devicesSi devices


@ Tjmax 175°C or up to 200°C

@Tjmax 125°C or 150°C


@ -55°C to +175°C

@ -55°C to +150°C


Typ. 200-400mJ

Typ. <100mJ


ΔTj ≥ 125°C

ΔTj ≥ 100°C