Automotive Application

EV Powertrain

Within the next 5 years, China will overtake US to become the largest electric vehicle market worldwide. proprietary technology in manufacturing the SiC power device enables us provide the full solutions in E-vehicle application. Our devices can be used in the EV-Motor controller, EV Charging station, and Wireless EV charger as well. 

With the targets set by China Government ,there will be considerable demand for both highly efficient EV motor controller and cost- effective charging stations to fulfil this vast increase in infrastructure. SiC devices show a clear advantage over current Si based devices in term of efficiency and cost in the high power and high temperature environment.

Alpha Power solutons have full series 650V and 1200V MOSFETs to address this EV Powertain applications.   Discrete solution can offer power rating as high as 100A in room tempature.  For Module solution,  APS can offer up to 400A and Rds(on) as low as 5mΩ in single Module.

Sic EV Powertrain



Product RDS(on) Current Rating Package
ACW300P12MHB 5 mΩ 256 A 62mm

1200V SiC Diode Chip

50A – 70A, 175um Chip

Product Voltage(V) Current Rating Package
ACD50QD120A 1200 V 50 A TO-247-2

1200V SiC MOSFET Chip

20mΩ, 175um Chip

Product RDS(on) Current Rating Package
ACM020P120Q 20 mΩ 110 A TO-247-4