Consumer Application

Home Appliance

The efficient use of electrical energy has evolved from a goal to a necessity as power-hungry Consumer sectors experience exponential growth.  Designers are abandoning outdated silicon solution and switch to Silicon Carbide SiC to gain system-level efficiencies with , smaller, lighter and better Thermal performance include LED lighting ,  USB Charger and Home appliance.  

APS offer Full series of SiC diode and SiC MOSFETs for PFC (Boost) application .

Air Conditioning System

Silicon Home appliance

650V SiC Diode

10A – 50A / TO247-2, TO-247-3

Product Voltage(V) Current Rating Package
ACD10PS065C 650 V 10 A TO-220-2
ACD20PS065C 650 V 20 A TO-220-2
ACD20PD065B 650 V 20 A TO-247-3
ACD20PS065A 650 V 20 A TO-247-2


15mΩ - 120mΩ / TO247-3, TO247-4

Product RDS(on) Current Rating Package
ACM060A065Q 55 mΩ 54 A TO-247-4
ACM030P065B 30 mΩ 90 A TO-247-3
ACM030P065L 26 mΩ 83 A TOLL
ACM015P065Q 15 mΩ 130 A TO-247-4