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APS invited to attend Electronica South China 2022, Munich

2023-01-05 18:12:33

On November 15-17, 2022, APS was invited to participate in Electronica South China 2022, Munich. In this exhibition, APS made a wonderful appearance with a full range of products, and made a speech on the application and development trend of SiC in the charging pile field at the international innovation forum of the third-generation power semiconductor and carbon neutral era, leaving many wonderful remarks therewith. 

As a third-generation semiconductor material, silicon carbide has the characteristics of high dielectric breakdown strength, the fast drift velocity of saturated electrons and high thermal conductivity. Therefore, when used in semiconductor devices, silicon carbide devices have the characteristics of high withstand voltage, high-speed switching, low on-state resistance and high efficiency, which is conducive to reducing energy consumption and system size. 

Silicon carbide can be widely used in new energy vehicle OBC, electric drive inverters, DC charging piles, photovoltaic, energy storage, and other fields. At present, our SiC power devices have been applied on a large scale in many domestic brand manufacturers, and their advantages have been preliminarily recognized in the industry. 

Pictures of the exhibition site: